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With dedicated and holistic services, Seeneez Group has carved a niche in catering, event planning and restaurant sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Following the success of our services, we’ve also got into many other ventures concerning food and beverages over the years. Today, we have five premium brands operated under the group, which include, Seeneez Hajj & Umrah Catering, Seeneez Restaurant, Seeneez Catering, Seeneez Express, and Seeneez Café.

We’re committed to upholding the time-honored spiritual tradition of Saudi Arabia. So, you can find the values of excellence and reliability are mirrored in everything we do. We serve as your trusted catering partner during your pilgrimage, and other important occasions of your professional and personal life. With our restaurants, you can experience an exceptional variety of local and international cuisines. And our Café and Express branches offer you a host of quick refreshments for your busy daily routine.

Our expert chefs and service professionals are chosen for their proficiency in diverse areas of catering and restaurant projects. It allows us to meet the needs of a wide range of clients coming from different cultures and countries., We also provide customized packages according to your specific meal requirements, which include vegetarian, low-calorie and diabetic diets, etc. Besides, we always focus on making you feel at home wherever we serve you—whether it is at your camps, corporate events, or the various outlets of Seeneez Restaurant, Express and Cafe.

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